Risk driven, liquid, non-correlated strategies that help mitigate increased portfolio volatility caused by higher systemic correlations and compressed asymmetrical returns.

Family Office

Our liquid, non-correlated strategies and structured products can be risk modelled alongside non-liquid assets (e.g. property, art, cars) to assist inter-generational wealth transfer.


Market leading funds and structured products driven by simpler and superior risk adjusted returns rather than retail orientated optics.


Cutting edge, quantitative strategies provide risk driven, non-correlated, multi-asset long only and absolute returns.

Protean: adj. – versatile, adaptable, flexible, able to assume many forms

Protean Capital is an independent investment manager and adviser with deep expertise in quantitative investments. Our goal is to deliver innovation and value to clients while maintaining a clear focus on the risks taken and cost-efficient implementation.

We develop and implement investment strategies, currently managing two funds and customised solutions for institutional investors.

Covering all asset classes and related derivatives, we provide services via UCITS funds, closed ended funds/PCCs, managed accounts, structured notes, actively managed securities, bespoke quantitative indices, insurance contracts and OTC derivatives/overlays.

Our team draws on extensive experience in all aspects of the investment process to deliver tailored solutions for each client.