VT Protean Capital PROCSI CoRE Fund

The Fund aims to generate capital growth through risk driven exposure to a globally diversified, highly liquid, multi-asset portfolio. Under current market conditions, the Manager anticipates and annual growth of c. 2% to 5% over the medium to longer term.

Through the use of a target floor, the fund seeks to provide an element of wealth preservation that remains relevant by increasing in line with performance and reduces drawdown risks.


  • Unrivalled quantitative expertise
  • Momentum based, globally diversified, multi-asset exposure
  • Asset weighting driven by cutting edge tail risk metric
  • Market leading costs
  • UCITS fund eligible for SIPP, ISA and Offshore Bonds

Risk Profile/SRRI:

This table demonstrates where the Fund Strategy ranks in terms of its potential risk and reward. The higher the rank the greater the potential reward but the greater the risk of losing money.

Fund NAV & factsheets