VT Protean Capital ELDeR Fund

The Fund aims to generate income and capital growth through risk driven investments in structured products linked to major global markets. The Fund will be actively managed to mitigate risk drift typical of non-linear structured products.

Under current market conditions, the Manager anticipates:

  • Annual Income of circa 3.65% to 4.15%
  • Annual Capital Growth of circa 2% - 3% over the longer term

The ELDeR fund has been developed for institutional investors seeking to benefit from the positive characteristics of structured products within a collectivised format. Unlike other structured product funds, where the focus is often on the retail orientated optics of their underlying holdings, the ELDeR fund is managed at a portfolio level to mitigate the costs and risks associated with structured products. This contrasting approach might suit those investors sensitive to the evolution of the NAV as well as those solely focused on the NAV at a single point a number of years in the future.


  • Unrivalled derivative research and trading expertise
  • Risk driven portfolio construction
  • More stable risk profile suitable for risk budgeted portfolios
  • Market leading costs
  • UCITS fund eligible for SIPP, ISA and Offshore Bonds

Risk Profile/SRRI:

This table demonstrates where the Fund ranks in terms of potential risk and reward. The higher the rank the greater the potential reward but the greater the risk of losing money.

Fund NAV & factsheets